Description du projet (anglais)

Vermont Route 12 and the Worcester mountain range are part of a larger wildlife corridor of over one million acres called the, “Worcesters to Northeastern Highlands Linkage.” This is an ecoregionally significant forested connection between core forests that allows for wildlife movement and genetic exchange across populations as the climate changes. For over fifteen years, conservation of the Worcesters to Northeastern Highlands has been coordinated through the Staying Connected Initiative, led by a multitude of motivated individuals, town planners, and NGO's working alongside state and federal agencies. This multi-pronged approach to conservation has included many different strategies at many different scales including conservation science, land protection, land use planning, road barrier mitigation, and outreach & education. Strategic actions like private and public land conservation, town planning, and new transportation infrastructure have all revolved around the goal of keeping these forests intact, connected, and diverse. By using the best available science, these partners have successfully protected wildlife connectivity on the binational scale.

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Vermont Natural Resources Council

Vermont Agency of Transportation

Fait partie d'un réseau plus large

Staying Connected Initiave (SCI)

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Conception de réseaux de corridors

Établissement de noyaux prioritaires

Atténuation des impacts des infrastructures

Recherche (Évaluation de la connectivité sur le terrain)

Politiques et gouvernance

Protection des terres

Planification de l'utilisation des terres

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Approche 'stepping stone'

Transport (routes, chemin de fer, ponceau, pont)

Caméra pour l'observation de la faune

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Lamoille, Washington

Nom du lieu

Route 12 Corridor

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