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SCI partners in the Greens to Adirondacks linkage are actively working together to improve both climate resilience and water quality within an ecologically important natural area called Hubbardton River Clayplain Preserve (HRCP). This work blends a variety of different management activities including the restoration of degraded streams by adding woody material, constructing beaver dam analogs, reconnecting floodplain and wetlands, and restoring connections between forest blocks in abandoned hay fields. Connectivity is being restored using techniques such as cluster planting, direct seeding, and facilitating natural regeneration. In addition to these activities, SCI partners are improving structural connectivity along an adjacent state-owned highway by providing under-road passage for imperiled wildlife. These combined efforts provide a holistic approach to improving the health of the HRCP and surrounding landscape for the benefit of both wildlife and local communities.

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The Nature Conservancy

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Vermont Agency of Transportation

Fait partie d'un réseau plus large

Staying Connected Initiave (SCI)

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Atténuation des impacts des infrastructures


Recherche (Évaluation de la connectivité sur le terrain)

Protection des terres

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West Haven, VT

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