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In Wolcott, VT at the confluence of the Lamoille River and a tributary of the Wild Branch River is a 22.5-acre floodplain managed by the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. After the expiration of agricultural leases on this site, local, state, and regional organizations collaborated to increase wildlife connectivity, reduce flood risks, and restore the natural floodplain. Early wildlife camera monitoring showed a diversity of wildlife nearby that were crossing over Route 15 in an unsafe location just north of the parcel. Additionally, the land under the bridge was covered with large rocks that made walking difficult for some species. Concrete abutments supporting the Fort Hill bridge also contributed to the problem by causing ice damming, increasing the flood risk, and further restricting wildlife movement. In 2018 a collaborative effort to address multiple values of the Wild Branch site began. In just four years a new wildlife shelf under the Rt. 15 bridge was constructed, the Fort Hill Bridge was removed to reduce flooding, and 2,000 stems were planted to begin the restoration of the natural floodplain. The Nature Conservancy's Vermont Chapter played a critical role in project management throughout. Ultimately, multiple partners working together allowed for several goals to be met with one concerted effort.

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The Nature Conservancy

Vermont Agency of Transportation

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Staying Connected Initiave (SCI)

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Atténuation des impacts des infrastructures


Recherche (Évaluation de la connectivité sur le terrain)

Protection des terres

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Caméra pour l'observation de la faune


Wildlife shelf

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Route 15 Wild Branch of Lamoille River

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